Oh yeah, O Street is supposed to open up

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Sanborn 1904-3
I forgot to mention something that was mentioned at the last BACA meeting I went to. O Street, between 1st and 3rd Streets will reopen as part of the Dunbar High School project. As the block is now, there is no O Street between 1st and 3rd. The image is from 1904, before the old Dunbar building was built, and when the 100-200 block of O Street existed.

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I love that O Street will be opened up, but I hope they do something to calm traffic coming from North Capitol and looking to avoid the intersection w/ NY Ave. Lots of cars currently speed down the one (long) block of O as it is, and if they catch a green light, they could easily be flying when they pass the rebuilt high school and cross NJ Ave.

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