No dogs in store


This weekend I walked over to Field to City to grab milk and other desirables and noticed a new sign on the door. No more dogs. I'm very sad to see it. The fellow who was manning the store said the Health Inspector had said dogs can't be there.

Where are we supposed to get our dog fix now? Dogs were one of the positives about Field to City. You'd go in and there usually would be someone to pet. Or someone to step over because he sprawled himself in the way. Yes, okay, I guess that was a health matter, a tripping hazard.

I hope the future is not doggie-less. 


This is great news! I haven't been back to the store in over a year since several gigantic dogs scared my child. I love the milk in glass bottles there and will definitely go back now.

You could probably get your doggie fix offering to hold people's dogs outside the store til news gets around. A couple weeks ago I wanted to stop in for a couple things while walking the dog and ended up going home empty handed because of the suddenness of the transition. Yeah, it makes sense as it is an establishment selling food, but it is a disappointing loss of quirkiness (and furriness!).

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