My Howard Theatre experience

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This my friends is a $18 crabcake. Well about $20-something when you throw in the tax and tip. One. Crab. Cake. It was a fair crabcake. Not the best crabcake I've ever had, and not the worst. And where is this singular pricey cake? The Howard Theatre.

The Help and I went there yesterday to see Henson's Stuffed and Unstrung. We like muppets/puppets. I bought the tickets the day of at the Howard box office, because when we looked on-line the price from Ticketmaster, tacking on their extra free, threw about $10 extra on the price of each ticket. The "before the show" price at the box office was about the same as buying early on-line.

When I bought the ticket on my way back home from work, the guy in the booth said the doors would open at 6:30. The tickets said 6. I forgot the reason stated. The Help and I had dinner at home and mosied on down 3-4 blocks to the Howard on foot. It took 10 minutes. Because my spouse walks slow. When we arrived at 6:30 there was a line inside and a line outside. Thank goodness it wasn't raining. The show was general seating, so we had an incentive to get there early.

The Howard is small. Well the lobby is small, compared to some other live theaters where there is more room for people and the table to sell merchendise. Inside we were seated at common tables with strangers. Luckily, I am married to Mr. Chatty Patty, who strikes up conversations with strangers in a single bound. Across the table from us was Mrs. Chatty Patty (no relation), whose husband and child were back in the burbs. Oh and some guy named Tommy, whose wife was not there, sat with us. The Chatties carried on most of the pre-show conversation.

We were given menus. We had already eaten, so we didn't need another dinner. So we decided on an appetizer, the American Charcuterie Platter, $18. Sorry, no, not available. Overhearing the other table the chicken wasn't available either. So we went with the Crabcake. See photo.

The show started at 8:10. We had a good time. We also enjoyed jokingly saying, "Do you think we should leave early to beat the traffic?" The walk home was a little less than 10 minutes.

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Thanks for sharing. Would have liked to have seen this show, but had other plans.

Went with friends to see Wanda Sykes last week - they didn't have the charcuterie plate then, either. Was surprised, and disappointed, that they didn't have appetizer type food that could be shared. The drinks were disappointing and the wine list was overpriced. We stopped at Bistro Bohem on the walk home.

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