It wasn't this ugly in the drawings was it?

Ugly Reatig

I'm looking at the drawing on the Reatig site and I don't see the horrid purple grey, orange grey, red grey match up going on here. Looking at the drawing, the building looks like it should have been more white than depressing grey.

Some of the buildings in the Reatig Shaw portfolio, I don't hate, some have grown on me, but this one. I have trouble imagining this bad color combo will ever be anything other than ugly. Maybe it is so ugly to make all the other ones look better.


From the drawings, it looks as if the windows were going to be much larger. I wonder when they got downsized and the color-panels were added? For what its worth, I don't find the color combo to be that offensive -- I'd rather have a little color than the boring glass-and-concrete palette that seems to dominate DC.

Mari - you took the words right out of my mouth. We're these panels in some special bargain sale?? They are gross on their own and together look like something from North Korea.

Ugh, had the same thought when I passed it this afternoon. Just hideous.

It's like a bad design decision from the 70's built today.

It looks better than some of the pictures I've seen of your place...

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