History and History and the Census

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Today is the big day the 1940 Census is revealed and it's kinda fuzzy and slow. The National Archives has a site http://1940census.archives.gov. And I've tried getting pages for the TC and sloooooooooooooow is one way to describe that attempt. So I went to Ancestry.Com. Better but fuzzy. Also discovered the Tract 46, which the TC is, is not an enumeration district. It is a tract. There are 7 enumeration districts (1-31; 1-32; 1-33; 1-34; 1-35; 1-36; & 1-37) that make up Tract 46. I'd try to bring up a map of that and it's impossibly slow.

With the release of the 1940 census I can see who lived at my house. Also it restarts the "census project" and the fact I need to get off my butt and do somethings that have been in the 'plans in my head' stage. And I need to budget to pay the cousin to do some transcribing and since these have just been released, they are not indexed. It is so large I may have to ask the TC community for assistance, but more about that later or tomorrow or at least by Friday.

Also falling under the "History" subject line was something I spotted on Georgetown Metropolitian blog about aerials of the city in 1951. Using a site called historicalaerials.com he was able to look at a lost waterfront. I can see a lost dairy where the co-op now sits. Poking around a bit more I saw the outline of the old Dunbar High School that sat on 1st Street. I played around I found a 1949 aerial of the southeastern tip of the TC. It is very fuzzy. What interests me is the comparison feature. The field with Dunbar gets bigger. In some spots there are crosswalks in 1951 but none in 2005. Traffic on NY Avenue seems heavier in 2005.

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