Historic Districting rearing its head in Shaw


EastShaw presents the question "Should East Shaw Be A Historic District?"

I think, no. But y'all over on the other side of NJ Ave, do whatever you want to do.

History is everywhere. Some parts of DC do have a notable and unique history and architecture, and some parts, a lot of parts, are just old with their own special history. Sort of the difference between US Grant and your civil war era ancestor. Digging into genealogy, family history, one can find a richness and connection with that civil war ancestor that cannot be found with a more famous figure from that same era.

Also, with enough money and lawyers and time, certain things just wind up defying HD intentions. As I think of it there are a few Suzane Reatig buildings in the Mount Vernon Square Historic District, on N Street and 5th.

Oh while we're at why don't we already form the society to preserve Reatig buildings now and just get the inevitable over with. Her buildings are distinctive (you can't miss 'em), she is a woman in a man's field, and she has made her mark in Shaw and Mt. Vernon Sq. Blend the two and call it the Reatig District.

Note- Salon's "Preserving History, or the 1%"


I think eastern Shaw should be, if only for the misanthropic reason that I would like everyone else to go through the ordeal of dealing with the historic review folks whenever they try to pull a permit.

After being lectured on the importance of having one kind of window, one kind of door and one kind of fence, it's a little frustrating to walk around the corner and see that crazy gray/maroon/orange Reitig eyesore going up right across the street.

Glad to see our report, done 12 years ago, is at lease being revisited. Options abound, to just nominating a few individual buildings to a small central historic district.

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