Fruit and veggies at 3rd & P

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I finally wandered into the store over on 3rd and P, though another corner store is closer to my house. I'm hoping that this is part of a trend in 21st century corner stores, where the dirty looking (or really scratched up) plexiglass is gone, and the stores are open and well lit. As this store definately was. What surprised me was the small display of fresh veggies and fruit. It's not a Field to City/Timor, but if you just need conventional fresh fruit and veggies, it's there. It is an option. And it is part of the Healthy Corner's project.

However, I will probably hit the store for something unhealthy, Super Bubble Gum. Oh how I love the Super Bubble, eventhough it probably has HFCS.

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I still haven't been there yet. Ananya on NJ and Q has some veggies and fruit but not a whole lot--probably because none of us really buy those things but more because they use them for their sandwiches--which aren't bad and are quite cheap. I guess we could ask them to carry more.

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