Easter and some other stuff

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It's Easter. Don't move your car if you can avoid it as churches' regular bi/annual visitors stop by, making the Sunday parking around here even more crazy.  Anyway, some news if you haven't already heard.  

  • Shaw Tavern liquor license has been approved, but the owners need to submit more paperwork (via Alex Padro via MVSNA Neighborhood list)
  • Tomorrow is community day at the Howard Theatre. Monday, April 9th at 11:30 am. So if you're off work, work form home or are just home, stroll on by.  Around noon a bunch of DC politicians talk and after 12:35 the following scheduled entertainers will entertain: Darlene Dancy, Delonte Copeland, Jimi Smooth, Matthew White, Wendy Hicks, NuEra, Teri Swenton, Velons, Orioles, Skip Mahoney, The Jewels and Al Johnson.

Easter Candle

Immaculate Conception Church @ 8th and

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