Buy a house and party with us

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Broken lime juicer
Pictured is my beloved lime juicer, the instrument I use to make my homemade mojitos. It was broken as I was juicing a bag of limes for my street's neighborly progressive party. It was a good party, so good it had an afterparty that headed next door when the dessert portion of the party ended.
It was the second progressive party we've had in a year's time, and that's our street for you. If you are a reader of this blog you know the street has some ups and downs. Among the ups are some real great neighbors, which you get to meet during these pot luck progressive parties. Someone tries to get the invitations to new neighbors (renters and homeowners)  on our unit block (and old neighbors too), organizes the pot lucking and get a few more neighbors to open up their homes to host portions of the party and a good time follows. Go ahead steal the idea for your own block (or half block for those of you between 1st and 3rd).
Or you can buy 1602 4th St NW and if you buy it quickly you'll move in just in time to maybe host desserts or appetizers for the next progressive party. There is an open house for it today at 1.

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