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Anyone know what to do with a fava bean?

I've had favas prepared for me, but I never cooked them. These favas (pictured) are a total surprise. I planted them in fall, with the idea of feeding the soil in the pots. They managed to survive our very mild winter. This spring I was getting flowers, but no beans, so I pulled some of them out. Because some were sharing pots with peas that wrapped around them, I kept some. Surprise, surprise, I got me some favas. Not a whole lot. Any suggestions? All I can think of is making a bisque soup and sprinkling some favas on top. 

The plan this weekend is to pull some of my old plants and fluff up and do something with the soil. I've got some old beets that I never harvested. Those have to go. The cilantro was a nice herb for about 5 seconds before it began to bolt, that's getting pulled. I am really tempted to pull up my sage plant, that has been happy and bushy in the ground for over 2 years, and give it to a nice new home. I don't use a lot of sage. I did give away the big bushy potted rosemary to some neighbors. I have another rosemary bush, and I don't use that much rosemary.

Inside, there are the canned goods and dehydrated stuffs. For our wedding sometime ago, we got a dehydrator. I've been using that puppy to dehydrate garlic, celery, tomatoes, lemons, parsley, and mint. Before the dehydrator, I'd hang herbs in the window and let them dry that way. Over the winter I've been using the dehydrated lemons in a tea, with the dried mint, and some honey. It helped soothe the wintertime coughs. The lemongrass has come back and I'll try to dehydrate (in the window) those to make a tea.

Canningwise. I canned way too many sweet things last year. I have a boatload of unsweetened and sweetened applesauce. Tons of meyer lemon marmalade. Lots of strawberry spread and plum preserves. I have just enough tomatoes, beef, veal and chicken stock. I have run out of cherries. Didn't make enough of those. They, like the strawberry spread, go into breakfast yogurts. Yet for some reason, the strawberry goes further.

The basement cellar project got us off track and some things in the pantry are running low. I'd like to get back to having a well stocked pantry. Mainly because it relieves pressure from the grocery trips. I like not having to shop weekly. I like getting produce from my yard or the farmer's markets. Speaking of, anyone know when the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market is coming back?


BMF is back May 15th. Save the cilantro for me :)

If you've ever seen Silence of the Lambs you would know that fava beans are best served with liver and a fine chianti.

Charles Walker: LOL - That is exactly what I thought when I read the first sentence. Silence of the Lambs has "ruined" fava beans for countless people because of that line.

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