There is a BACA meeting tonight

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Meeting Agenda

7 PM, Mt. Sinai Church 3rd and Q ST NW


I.          Meeting Called to Order             Geovani Bonilla , President


II.         Review of Last Meeting Minutes                         David Hall, Secretary


III.                Treasurer Report                           Margaret Stevens


            7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


IV.               Special Presentation - Carl Thomas, Mayor's Office will provide:

a.      Overview of 2013 Budget that will be submitted to City Council

b.      Explanation of 2012 Surplus

c.      Explanation of 2013 Deficit


V.                 March BACA Initiatives


a.      March 31 Neighborhood Planting and Clean Up - Volunteers Needed to

                                                   i.      Coordinate mulch delivery from DPW

                                                 ii.      Coordinate DPW tool and trash bag distributions

                                                iii.      Block captains to organize block clean ups

                                               iv.      Help pick up trash at the Florida Avenue Park


b.      Economic Development Committee - Volunteers Needed to

                                                   i.      Initiate Contact with All Local Businesses - Introduction to BACA

                                                 ii.      Create a Neighborhood Business Directory/Map

                                                iii.      Develop a Community Merchant Survey (assessment of merchandise existing businesses should carry)

                                               iv.      Summary survey results

                                                v.      Provide existing businesses with survey results

                                               vi.      Work with local business in developing neighborhood outreach campaign

                                             vii.      Develop Business Advisory Council

                                            viii.      Work with Office of Planning and Deputy Mayor of Planning Economic Development            


VI.               Committee Updates and Projects

a.      Safety - review of crime statistics and PSA 501 MPD update  

b.      Economic Development - Geovani A. Bonilla

c.      Youth Services - Miles Holloman

d.      Public Relations - Caryn Nesmith

e.      Friends of the Park  - Jon Hasse


VII.             Standing Invitations

a.      Mayor's Office

b.      Metropolitan Police Department

c.      Council Member at Large Office

d.      ANC           


VIII.           Announcements

 IX.              Adjournment

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