Opening, almost there, in mothballs, and I dunno

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Today, is March 15th and Bistro Bohem is supposed to have its regular opening.

Across the street from the Bistro is Shaw Tavern. Last I checked they were in the process of trying to get a liquor license, this time without the problem person who botched up the last attempt, and probably (very likely) botched up the prospects of ....

Engine Company 12. The Eckington blog has a photo of the incomplete interior. For those of you just joining us in this drama, a certain manager who may be called May was dealing with both the Shaw Tavern and Engine Company 12. There is no need to repeat what went on with Shaw Tavern, and eckingtondc recapps May's missteps with EC12.

Third and Florida may not be getting the Snitcheye Wine Bar, but something's going on over there, but I don't know what. A dumpster trailer usually hints at something. See photo below.

3rd St NW

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it certainly does look like something is going in... that will be a good thing. the building is in a great spot... just needs some TLC. If you do find out please post ASAP!!

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