March Garden Post

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Mache, carrots and spring onion

I haven't posted much lately about the garden. I know it is still Winter, so one would think there isn't much to talk about, but due to the very mildness of the weather, things have been going quite well.

The image above is what I hauled in for dinner. These are carrots that should have been harvested some time ago. The big fat one, had a cavity near the bottom going up through the center, which I just cut around. Same thing for the split spot on the other carrot. I used them for part of the salad and part of the soupish base for the chicken dish I just made up. The greens made up the salad for two. They are corn salad (mache) and black seeded simpson (I think, they reseeded themselves). The onion is spring onion, but I need to harvest all my onions and leeks as there is some strange tiny black bug all over the green parts. I'd rather wash and eat the plants than concoct a pesticide to just keep the plants around longer.

Elsewhere, there is a fava bean plant in a pot in the backyard that has been chugging along and managed to survive. Two fava bean plants in two different pots survived. A third plant died, but unlike the others it was a little less sheltered. There are flowers on them, and I hope than I can get a few beans to recreate a shellfish bisque with fresh favas.

There are some peas I planted, in a pot, back in the Fall or early Winter. In the past few months of Winter, I been cutting off some of the vines for adding to a stirfry.

Spring salads are popping up and I need to start harvesting the little microgreens to make room so that the remaining seedlings grow up to become plain old salad greens. The winter salad, of which the photographed greens are a part, are begining to show signs that they are going to go to seed. So I need to grab the corn salad that hasn't, and make salads out of them. The arugula has gone to flower, and so I'll let it reseed itself. Once gone to flower the arugula leaves are too much of a bother to me, but the flowers are a nice peppery addition to a salad.

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