InShaw is 9 years old

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I'm sure someone else's neighborhood blog is older than mine, but this month marks somewhat the 9 year mark. Next year, is 10 and I'm thinking I should put a bow on this personal project, as it is at it's heart a personal blog.

I haven't dug terribly deep into my archives, but the first post is a crime report on March 18, 2003 found on blogspot and my server. I'm sure I've written something before that but I apparently didn't save it and if I did it's backed up on a CD somewhere, maybe. I really need to clean up some files on the server, but I know I'll keep putting that off.

Anyway, 9 years. I do like to look back at some of the old posts and remember how far this neighborhood has come and how far it has fallen short. In July of 2003 I had dreams of Shaw. North Capitol still lacks the retail desired and 7th St is just on the cusp, but as of today 3/27/2012 it isn't there yet. What is nearby, I couldn't have predicted. Yes, most of it is in Bloomingdale, but little matter. I love the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market near the Big Bear. When it is up, I love where I live more. I like the Big Bear, it is a wonderful asset, and who could have imagined a little coffeeshop at 1st & R would have changed the blocks surrounding it so much that Realtors mention it by name. Who could have imagined a guy with a couple of sparse shelves and a wonderful dairy selection, would still be here with all his quirks (side door, Kuma on the floor, etc) and a new name in four years, adding to the wonderful-ness of the hood. In our home we still call it Timor.

I began this blog to inform friends about how things were going with that house I bought over in that section of NW that no one seemed to know about (that's why I believe the crime post couldn't have been the first). I also figured it would be helpful to a few neighbors.

There is more to say, but I'll keep it for tomorrow.

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Congragulations! I'm a long-time reader who moved to Adams-Morgan in 99 and bought a This Old Crappy House in 2001 in Petworth. My experiences seem to have been similar, although maybe a touch more suburban here up the hill. Or maybe I am just more oblivious to some of the worse things.

I've enjoyed your writing over the years -- especially when tart -- although I think I lost you from my RSS feed a URL migration ago. Nice blogging! Hope you enjoyed writing as much as I enjoyed reading.

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