Bistro Bohem- Call Ahead

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Bistro Bohem

We should have called ahead when we went to Bistro Bohem on Saturday. It is a very small place and got crowded fast. There were a few empty tables but we were told that other parties had called in ahead for reservations. Which I will do now that I know. The Bistro does have an Open Table page but it is not activated so you have to call (202) 735-5895.

We took to the common table where we stood while munching on small plates. This was welcomed since coming back from vacation where restaurants like to ply you with oversized plates of mediocre food. It was good. The Help really liked the soup. I enjoyed the lentil salad and a glass of wine. We did manage to get a table after a group left and gazed upon the street towards the LeDroit Park gate. There was a little snafu with our order, but the wait staff person was very nice and fixed the situation. With a couple of small plates and one glass of wine our bill came to about $61 for a party of 2.

It is still early and it may take a month or so before they find their rhythm, and I believe they will do well at 600 Florida Avenue NW.

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