9 going on 10


Yesterday I mentioned that the InShaw blog is nine years old and next year it will be ten and I'll move on to something else. The something else will be slightly work/profession/living related.

The Shaw I encountered when I moved to the neighborhood in 2000 and bought a house a year later is different. Everyday, it does get better. There are the odd two steps back when crime spikes up or something falls through, but for me 2012 is way better than 2000 or 2002. Way better, except for the getting older part.

In 2000 I lived in a cheap $525 a month 2brd basement apartment in Logan Circle. The Whole Foods on P was just 3 months old and the place was gentrifying like crazy when I moved out. I'm gonna say Logan, west of 9th, is pretty much gentrified, but there are still pockets of poverty that residents can agonize over if or when subsidies run out or the city decides that they can squeeze more taxes out of an area if there are people and activities that can give more than it takes in city services.

In 2001 I bought over in the Truxton Circle part of Shaw. I bought at a good time because the real estate market was just about to get crazy and unaffordable for a single woman working at a GS-9 level salary. My street was changing. Vacant houses were getting sold. Section 8 landlords were deciding to cash out. Flippers were flipping. When I first moved in I could count the number of whites on my unit block on my fingers. Now, I can't do that because of the numbers and I don't know how I'd count the biracial couples of which I am now one.

In central Shaw (the part that isn't U Street and along 9th and east) there is still much room for improvement and change. Improvement and change, as they are not the same thing. Hopefully the plans and construction on 7th and parts of 9th near the Convention Center will finally, finally after forty some odd years, will build over the rubble of the 1968 riots. Hopefully the big shiny building over the Shaw Metro on S Street will usher in a whole bunch of other commerical development that will roll down 7th and the O Street Market pick up the baton so that the Lincoln-Westmorland, in between, blends into the background.

My own Truxton Circle part of Shaw, which is mostly residential, may take much longer. Besides, our little townhomes keep this place relatively affordable and gives me hope that when our family size changes we may be able to stay in the neighborhood I have come to love.

As for my blogging I'm thinking of writing and reflecting as a person in the archival/library profession. The Help and I are in the same line of work, so we'd share what we talk about in the car and at home. I do like writing everyday, but the major change, the interesting changes in the hood that I've written about, have occured or are better covered by other bloggers. So over the next year I'll start to feed that other blog and a project I'd like to turn into an e-book, the history of Truxton Circle from 1880 to whenever. But more about that later. 


Mari, I'm also part of an biracial couple living in Truxton Circle, and I look forward to your next project!

Happy Birthday blog! Mari, I check on your posts more often that many of the other Shaw blogs. You are interesting, homey, consistent, and thoughtful. You helped me way back when about where to go to research our buildings. I'm still working through that list... Keep it up and it'll be a sad day when inshaw is only in the archives... :{

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