Spike in crime

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It has occurred to me that the Help and I were really lucky. There was another robbery in the TC and as we had come home from an evening out the police were just responding. In our case we were saved by a jazz band. A woman was robbed by two men yesterday (2/1/12) around 8:55pm near the alley that is between 4th and NJ and Richardson. We were going to catch the bus back home but on our way to the bus stop ran into a musician we knew and wound up staying to hear him play 3-4 pieces. If not for that delay, we may have been unlucky.

What gets me is there was a patrol car on that corner a few hours before.

Last night's unfortunate mugging is just one of several robberies and break ins that have occurred in and near Truxton in the past couple of weeks. Channel 7 reported the armed robbery spree that happened on 3rd and 4th Streets on Tuesday. There was the armed rape-robbery in 3D last week that has worried many around here.

The police are giving the usual advice:

We believe that the community can assist us in this fight by:

keeping cell phones, i-pads, i-phones, smart phones, and all other electronic items out of sight as you walk;

staying alert to your surroundings at all times;

keeping your car doors locked while pumping gas;

and, perhaps most importantly, calling 911 to report ANY suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

I'd add don't fiddle with your electronics at the bus stop either. While walking home, I noticed a young man taking a keen interest in a man sitting alone at the NJ and R bus stop, but his friends who were 1/2 a block ahead of him, called him to "come on". The man was totally engrossed in his smartphone and not 'aware of his surroundings.'

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