SOS- Bundy Dog Park Needs Your Help!!

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From Thomas Petty (motpet at comcast dot net)

Dear Neighbors,

The Friends of Bundy Dog Park need your help, and all you have to do is send an email.

On Wednesday, Feb. 8, a disgruntled person called someone in the Mayor's office to complain about the dog park being constructed by KIPP School as a part of its Bundy Field improvements. As a result of that one complaint, construction of the entire project -- athletic field for the children as well as the dog park -- was suspended. After a flurry of phone calls and messages, the Mayor's office suggested last night that the City would not interfere with the project, and construction began again this morning. But this may not be the last time that someone tries to use influence to impede this project. We need to rally a broad base of support!

The Bundy Dog Park has been approved, unanimously, by the local ANC, and is supported by DC Councilmembers Tommy Wells and Phil Mendelson. And, importantly, no public funds are being used to construct or maintain this dog park [more on that later].

What we need to do RIGHT NOW to keep this project going is to show our government the support the Bundy Dog Park has in the neighborhood. I am asking you to send an email to Steve Glaude,, Francisco Fimbres,, Councilmember Tommy Wells,, and/or Councilmember Phil Mendelson (who is meeting with the Mayor this afternoon),, (and please bcc me, so I can collect a record of support emails), saying

"I am a tax-paying resident of the Shaw neighborhood, and I support the dog exercise area being constructed at Bundy Park, and appreciate the City's continued support for the revitalization of Bundy Athletic Field."

That's it -- just cut and paste. Embellish if you want, . . . put it in your own good words, . . but, really, the simpler, the better. If you don't think your one email will matter, keep in mind that it took only one phone call from one person to stop this project. So, let's get keep it going!

Thank you, and please forward this email to anyone you think would support the Bundy Dog Park.

Thank you,
Tom Petty
***UPDATE***  I got positive responses from Fimbres and Wells that make it seem things will be back on track.
***2/16/12 UPDATE****
Copy & Pasted from Tom Petty's email:
Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for the support that you have expressed for the Bundy Field dog park.  I'm sure the outpouring of neighborhood support and activism contributed largely to something we have never had in our years-long effort to bring a dog park to Shaw - the support of the Mayor.  Yesterday, on February 15, the Mayor's Office formally announced its support, expressly for a "park for pet owners" at Bundy Field -

Dear Shaw Neighborhood Residents,

The Executive Office of the Mayor and Office of Neighborhood Engagement is proud to announce the Gray Administration's support for the new Bundy Field construction and amenities, which will include a park for pet owners among other fixtures. We understand that this took quite an effort to accomplish, hence we sincerely thank all of those involved in making this project a reality.

We hear that the project will be completed by March 2012, which will be just in time for the beginning of the Spring and Cherry Blossoms Season.  Therefore, please enjoy!


The Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Engagement on behalf of Mayor Vincent Gray

You may have noticed that the turf is now down, and completion of the Bundy Field improvements by Kipp School is only weeks away.  There is a lot of work that must be done before the dog exercise area ("DEA") is ready to be used - and that work has to be done, and funded, by us, the people who will be using and enjoying the dog park.

A few of us have been looking into what needs to be done, and we would like to get together to meet with neighbors who will commit to taking an active role in caring for the dog park.   All of you are invited to my house, at 432 Q Street, NW, at 5:00 on Monday, February 20, for a brief get together.  If you want to attend but can't make it, please continue to keep in touch via email.  

Some things to consider -

v  Kipp School has generously funded the construction of the dog park, at considerable expense.  They have asked dog owners to contribute to some of the costs unique to its use as a dog park - specifically, the installation of second fence and gate, so that dogs off leash cannot run out when the exterior gate is opened, and a couple of new concrete steps where the gates are located.   The total cost for these items is about believed to be about $3,500, and $2,000 has already been contributed.   So, . . . we have to raise an additional $1,500 to reimburse Kipp. 

v  Two dog waste cans will have to be installed in the DEA, with a continuing supply of waste bags.  We have contacted DoodyCalls, a pet waste removal service.  We are still waiting to receive a formal price quote, but we believe the costs will be as follows:  (i) the initial cost of installing two waste cans is expected to be approximately $1,100; (ii) some kind of storage will be required for supplies (we have priced outdoor storage benches from HomeDepot at $110 each); and (ii) the weekly waste can removal service is expected to be approximately $25 ($100 per month) - and who wants that job!!.  So, . . . we have to raise an additional $1.500 to buy and install the necessary equipment, and we have to commit to pay a monthly fee of approximately $100. 

v  Thanks to our ANC Commissioner Kevin Chapple, a new public waste can has been installed by DPW near the entrance to the DEA on P Street, so we will not have to incur that cost.  Thank you, Kevin!

v  Kipp has agreed to allow neighbors to donate to the dog park maintenance by making donations to Kipp (so they can be tax deductible) and Kipp will then spend the money.  We are working out the details of that.

v  Of course, we must have rules.   DC Municipal Regulations actually mandate certain rules that must be posted and enforced for all dog parks.  I am attaching a sample of some proposed rules for the Bundy Field dog park - comments are invited. 

v  Someone - actually, a lot of someone's - need to take responsibility for unlocking and locking the DEA every morning and night. 

I'm sure there are things that we are missing, and things that can't be anticipated until after the Bundy Field dog park is up and running.  But, . . . we have to start thinking, and organizing NOW!   Please come out to help - it will be easy if a lot of us cooperate - and forward this email to anyone whom you think will support the Bundy Field dog park.  

Thank you,

Tom Petty

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this will serve ward 5, 6 and 2 residents and even mt vernon triangle neighbors who want to take their pups out for a longer stroll

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