O street Market & Florida Ave Park

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The O Street Market promises a bigger and better Giant in twenty-some odd months. With it lots of sharing and caring. Ok, not so much caring, but car and bike sharing.

At Monday's BACA meeting I asked when will the park be open. What I meant was normal time, 7:30 or 8, or dawn. One answer was, it will be open some mild weather day on a weekday when Mayor Gray can come out, cut a ribbon and have his photo taken doing so. Also the Friends of the Florida Ave Park are looking to partner up with other organizations, parents, and whomever that will keep the park "nice" and a positive part of the community. In other words, not a bum hangout. Speaking of, apparently the liquor store across the street from the park is losing business because all the construction sent away the clientele. This is why the entrance is way on the other side of the park, and why the new play equipment is mostly not comfortable for sleeping off a stupor.

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