More horrible stuff from the past- Hunger Marchers 1932

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As reported in the Washington Post, Dec. 7th, 1932, The headline read, " Horrified- Doctor Finds 30 Hunger Marchers in Vacant House, All Ill." The vacant house in question was at 123 Bates "street northwest".

Bates is an easy street to find in ProQuest, of course sometime one comes up with false positives as it is also a last name.

Back to the strikers, they apparently were all suffering from the flu, influenza. Dr. Benjamin Newhouse was called to Bates Street by an unnamed friend and found the people in 'horrible' condition. ""The house was unheated, " he said, "and all the people were sick and running temperatures, Five of then were in serious condition."" The Resue Squad was called as were the leaders of the hunger march who said they'd try to get the marchers to the homes of sympathizers who could care for them.

Five minutes of Google research revealed that the hunger march was a communist effort. From an issue of Class Struggle, Vol. 3 No. 1 Jan. 1933, the march was reported as so:

We then proceeded the following morning to our alternative, the Capital of the United States, Washington D.C. We arrived within the city limits of Washington but here the police were prepared for us. All the trucks were stopped on New York Avenue by lines and lines of police. We got out of our trucks. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon of Sunday December 4th and as the afternoon wore on it became clear that the police had the upper hand. Trucks from all parts of the country joined us in our encampment; up to midnight trucks came from the West from Minnesota, Seattle, San Diego, etc. This was the first time delegates had come from the extreme parts of the country. The 3,000 delegates were all virtually imprisoned. Police in front of us, police on the embankment openly displaying their machine guns, tear gas, guns and clubs on all sides. This was the situation. We were all bottled up. The owner of the Washington Auditorium had received instructions from the Federal authorities not to rent us his hall and he told the committee if they would withdraw the telegram he would rent it to us. But they certainly would not.

So there we were surrounded by the armed forces of Washington exposed to the cold, no water, no toilets. The government did not have to shoot us. They used nature against us.

In Washington the Party bureacrats suddenly pop up. Herbert Benjamin by aeroplane-Isreal Amter, James Ford, Reynolds, all looking very immaculate, well-fed and perfectly happy. Where had these men been when we slept on the floors; when we faced the police they were not there, but suddenly they come out of nowhere and proclaim themselves leaders. After taking the vanguard and exposing them to all the elements which resulted in the death of two delegates, 15 cases of pneumonia, 20 cases of influenza, sore throats, fevers and colds, these so-called leaders by what right are they the leaders of the masses? Who are they to take the lives of workers in their hands? Have they ever been in struggle themselves?

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