Mayor Gray to Open Florida Park This Saturday, bring the kids

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Playground 2

There will be cookies.

Join Mayor Vincent C. Gray,



The Bates Area Civic Association and residents

Saturday, February 25th at 10am

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Florida Avenue Park (Florida and First St. NW)


Join our Community in a celebration and efforts to make the Florida Avenue Park a Community Park.

See the new play grounds, renovations and learn about the Bates Area Civic Association and Friends of The Park's plans to bring

 more activities to this beautiful park.


Join Us Make This a Community and Family Affair.


Enjoy snacks from local businesses:

Uncle Chips Cookies and Coffee

Big Bear Café

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This is a welcome improvement to the neighborhood. My grandson shed real tears a few years back when I wouldn't let him near the park because I feared for his safety among the broken bottles, discarded syringes and condoms.

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