Insulation is key

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I finally got my electric bill. Ever since the gas furnace died last month, I've been wondering what ye olde PEPCO bill would look like. Well it showed up and it isn't that bad. Well there is some bad. It's bad in that I've used up more KWH than I think I've ever used before. We used 1400 KWH in 28 days, that is more than the 950 KWH we used in the middle of August of 2011. Last year we only used 670 KWH, so 730 KWH I'll blame on the three space heaters (2 oil filled radiator types & 1 heater fan) we have heating the house. My personal goal is to try to use less electricity. Thank goodness it has been a mild winter.
And thank goodness we have a well insulated house. If you have an old house, and many of you do, those things can keep heat like a sieve as apparently they didn't believe in insulation in eighteen-blah-dee-blah. Or they did believe in it, as the void between the walls. Insulation is horribly unsexy, so it is possible when a 100 year old house gets flipped or renovated by an absentee landlord, things like insulation (and newspapers stuffed into crevices don't count) get's skipped because you can't see it.
The houses on my row were all built at the same time, so talking with some neighbors, seeing some renovations and my own experience tells me, these houses were built with no insulation. When I renovated my house in 2007 I had fiberglass stuffed everywhere, except the party wall between us and B & IT. Another neighbor, when renovating used the foamy stuff. The only problem with that is it can over expand. Other neighbors in rentals that haven't been gutted have to freeze or blast the heat.

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