Howard, Florida Ave Park, and Street Sweeping

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Squirrel image in fenceIt was windy with a touch of friggin' cold this morning at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Florida Avenue Park. I took a couple of pictures, but not many because it was cold, and it was less cold to have my back or side to where the mayor and other speakers were speaking. Eventually a whole bunch of short little people showed up with parents and got to playing, eating Uncle Chip's cookies, and ignoring the mayor and the other speakers.
Tommy Wells, Vincent Gray, Bradley A. Thomas, Geovani Bonilla, and John Hasse are the names of some of the speakers who spoke who I could remember. Special thanks to the people at the Northwest Cooperative working with Hasse to get to this point.

Something that I hope will add to the community is the opening of the Howard Theater. I got a PR thing and let me pull out a few things of interest:
Howard Theatre will also host a weekly Sunday gospel brunch that will feature the Harlem Gospel Choir and a menu designed by consulting chef, Marcus Samuelsson (the theatre will offer a full menu designed by the chef). Blue Note Entertainment Group, the owners and operators of clubs and theaters around the world including the Blue Note Jazz Club, B.B. King Blues Club and The Highline Ballroom in New York will also be operating Howard Theatre and is dedicated to bringing quality and eclectic entertainment to the Howard stage, maintaining the theatre's amazing century-old legacy.
I see we are a 'theatre' and not a 'theater'. And Marcus Samuelson, the Swedish-Ethiopian chef, is only consulting, and the dining is not part of his restaurant group. Fine, we'll know how good or not the food and service is when that part opens. It doesn't have to be 3 stars, but it has to be good enough to be a destination.  The key in all this is that entertainment professional group is managing the venue and bringing in acts that will hopefully keep the Howard from becoming a white elephant, like the Lincoln Theater up the street.
The Howard will have a community day on April 9th and a gala fundraiser on April 12th. For the fundraiser and the first show with Wale (tix go on sale 2/27), I hope attendees will remember that there is a metro station around the corner and not try to park around here. That's can be an advertised draw, "closer to metro than the 9:30 Club."
Speaking of parking, street sweeping returns March 1st. You get to go back to moving your car 2 times a week again. Fun.

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