Who will replace Harry Thomas Jr.?


Harry Thomas Jrs new beard
So my Ward 5 Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. will resign because he can't beat the tax charges. Yes, unless you are Marion Barry, don't mess with the IRS.

His staff will need to find new employment in this tough economy and so the question on my mind is what now? Followed by who will replace him? Just cause he f'ed up doesn't mean there isn't stuff in Ward 5 that needs doing.

Well HTJ isn't the only councilmember with problems, just the only one (who isn't Marion Barry) who had federal tax problems, who has to answer for himself. I am hoping that this will lead to a greater examination of the plethora of DC non-profits "that have been on the city dole to [do whatever] have been "stealing our money.""


I've dealt with HTJ's office for multiple issues from getting small paperwork items done to getting a new sidewalk to even trying to fix a leaning utility pole and NO ONE in the office is competent. I am ecstatic that we will get a new council member and that Ayawana Chase and Sheila Miles will be gone!

While I agree with everything else in your post, I do take issue with your characterization of HTJ's crimes as just "tax problems". He STOLE more than $300,000 of city money that was meant for kids' athletic programs, and used it on himself (lavish golf vacations, bar tabs, Audi SUV, etc.) I hope he enjoys prison.

Stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the taxpayers, dollars meant for children, is only a "tax problem?" Only HTJ's defense lawyer should be able to claim that with a straight face. Speaking of, was that Kevin Chapple in all the news footage played this week of HTJ? Is Chapple his lawyer?

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