When it was affordable, it was a dump

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I'm speaking of Silver Spring, MD. I could also mean other parts of the DC metro area, but never Shaw. No when Shaw was more affordable it was a troubled transitional neighborhood with urban challenges, or as some folks want to call it, a ghetto, but never a dump. I  bring this up because of a post at Greater-Greater Washington from a MoCo blogger who wrote about his generation of 20somethings, " my generation may not come to Montgomery County if we can't find affordable housing in an urban setting."
Oh, your generation will keep comin' and paying out the nose, because the Gen X'ers were doing it to attractive hip neighborhoods when we were 20something, and it seems the next generation is doing the same. But I digress.
Mr. Reed points out that places like downtown Silver Spring and Bethesda lacking affordable housing. When the hell was Bethesda ever affordable? And when the Spouse was in his late 20s and he could afford to spend about half his income on renting a Fenton St. 1 bedroom. But then, downtown Silver Spring was kinda dumpy. There was no Whole Foods, no Discovery building, no AFI, nothing cool. There were still ruts in the road and construction when he was priced out in 2001 as the non-luxury plain jane apartment's rent was going to $1000. That was ten years ago.
Back in the mid to late 90s, I lived in Rossyln, when the only thing it had going for it was one grocery store, a Gold's Gym and the metro. There was only 1 good coffee shop, and its hours weren't resident friendly. Even then I was spending 1/2 my take home pay renting a place I shared with a roommate. Down the road, Clarendon and Courthouse were okay, with a few dumpy spots in between.
So let me finish with an angry old woman rant....
When I was your age
We had only one supermarket, a small ratty Giant/Safeway, and we liked it.
There was no decent retail in our neighborhood.
We had to hop on the metro, which shut down before midnight and was crap on weekends, to go to Virginia.
We didn't have no bike lanes neither.
Affordable Shaw (incl. Logan & Truxton) gave you the choice of prostitutes or drug dealers or both hanging around your abode during daytime hours.
Marion Barry was either mayor or hinting that he'd return to DC politics (which he did).
Now you kids get off my lawn.

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AMEN! So true. I actually remember talking to the prostitutes that used to hang out in the circle like all the kids do now. And seeing a drug addict on every corner. Is it sad that there are some days I miss it?

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