Portable electric heat and the small house

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Day 2 of staying home sick. I'm running low on sweet citrus (I'm looking at lots of lemons right now) and tissues with the lotion. To add to my low level suffering, last night the furnace died. Again.
Why yes it is in the teens to low 20s outside.
Inside it is ranging from 70 to 64 degrees, all thanks to 3 portable electric heaters.
The last time I had to deal with a dead furnace it was 2007, I was just a handful of months short of the start date for the big house renovation, but I replaced it with a used furnace, which started acting up about a month ago.
Currently, we could get a brand new furnace, but the furnace is in a location we're planning on having some messy renovation work done in the next month or so. Risking damage to the shiny new furnace as 'stuff' happens during the reno. We could also repair the furnace but the estimate on that is a couple of thousand dollars, almost 1/2 to 1//3rd the cost of a new furnace. So we decided to go with portable electric heat as a stopgap.
Five years ago when the furnace died, I used a bunch of portable units to keep the house above freezing. Problem was my electrical system was outdated and could barely take the load. The plus then was that the first floor was several rooms I could block off. Now I have an open floor plan and it is difficult to get the 1st floor about 69F without a lot of effort. Plus side for now, the house is more insulated and the electrical is up to date more so than it was in 2007.
Chatting with my mother, who lives in north central Florida where it was in the 20s yesterday, she reminded me we always used portable electric heaters when growing up. We didn't freeze but it never got toasty. You'd think in the decades since then portable electric heat would have improved, well besides a bunch of safety features.
Anyway, the perk of having a small house is that there is less space to heat. The upstairs rooms can get very toasty with just one little heater fan each. The small kitchen has its own heating source with an electric radiant floor and it's wonderful to walk on in socks when it's on. Which makes me wonder if it would be worth it to look into a portable radiant floor option.

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