Justice is blind and slow- Update on Bakier vs Cap City

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Martin M updated me and the Shaw Neighborhood listserv about 09-CV-2202 Bakier v Capital City Mortage Corp. Here's my attempt to summarize what he said and what I know.... Ms. Beverly Bakier, (former?) mortgage broker (operator of Valley Trust Mortgage) & owner of 509 O Street N.W. (a vacant and blighted structure) is suing her mortgage company claiming fraud and a bunch of other stuff related to a mortgage that was restructured. Ms. Bakier has not invested much into 509 O Street NW that the DC Government and Capital City Mortgage can see during her years of ownership. To the city she has vaguely mentioned a "federal court case" for her reasons of not to put any money into the property. In 2004 she declared Chapter 11 Bankrupcy. And according to Martin she tried suing other lenders and Capitol City before. And despite her being able to renovate 1-2 other properties, 509 O Street NW has been stuck in limbo and allowed to deteriorate. Limbo will last longer because she is representing herself she has delayed final arguements because she claims she needs the transcripts from the trial thus far. And because of the courts' budget issues such transcripts might not be available till Spring or Summer. 

Justice is slow. Not just in this case but also on the criminal side as well. Homicide Watch noted that with murder trials can be many, many months, if not more from start to finish.

Anyway, let's hope the case with 509 O Street NW ends before the middle of Summer 2012. Maybe Capital City Mortgage can foreclose and allow for conditions for all of us to move on.

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