Harry Thomas Jr. Resigns Courtesy of the DC GOP


I've lost my councilman to the crime of tax evasion, and it may cost the city more money to elect a replacement than what he as alledged to have taken.

Anyway I'd like to remind you how non-aggressive the city government was in dealing with the allegations when they first came to light. Remember back this summer the DC Attorney General sued Mr. Thomas for stealing funds that were intended for youth sports. A civil case, with an expensive slap on the wrist. And remember the one who started this whole line of investigation was Tim Day (who ran against Thomas) and the DC GOP. Their efforts went beyond the usual opposition party griping that is so easy to ignore. They really pushed it and it stuck. I didn't think it would go anywhere, but it stuck, and now I'm councilperson-less.

I blame the one-party nature of DC city politics. I really wish the Statehood Green party was a little more active in holding the controlling Dems in check and accountable. This sort of scrutiny isn't going to come from inside the DC Dems. Remember what happened to Tommy Wells when he tried to hold Kwame Brown accountable? He got demoted in the committee shuffle. No good deed goes unpunished...


I've just to say, I really enjoy your blog. Great information, great perspective.

Mari, as a resident of Shaw, I've long appreciated your blog. But this piece leaves me speechless. One might think the DC GOP did us all a favor by insisting, doggedly, that DC's establishment not turn a blind eye to Thomas's gross abuses of taxpayer funds. Perhaps one might have questioned whether their doggedness was too much last year, but now that their complaints have been entirely vindicated, we should be applauding them for upholding basic principles of ethics in government that are taken for granted in most jurisdictions of this country but which somehow don't seem to apply in DC.

So, whether you like the DC GOP or not, c'mon! Give them some credit for once!

And your suggestion that it will cost more to replace Thomas than he stole completely misses the point. The man's a crook. This kind of willingness to tolerate corruption is precisely what what gave DC such a bad name for so long. Let's not relapse into that kind of thinking!

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