Doing a house history

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The DC Humanities council has a video on doing a house history. They also are hosting workshops.


There are a few things I thought of when watching the video. One they mention square and lot numbers. Though the square more than likely never changes over time, the lot number can change. When I was trying to map out addresses for my census project I first started trying to make the Square-lot number a key access point for tracing addresses over time. That didn't work as from the 1880s to 1930s lots would get redeveloped and their lot numbers would change. Just be aware. Second, I also discovered the city directory, is not 100% accurate. There was a family I found in the census and confirmed their residency with the sons' draft cards. But in the city directory for that same time period and the surrounding years, another family was listed for that address.

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This is excellent. Thanks for sharing ... the best luck I've had in finding stories about my home is the Washington Post or Washington Times archives. Amazing stories can be found there.

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