Date Night @ Estadio

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1520 14th St NW
Bus- G2
Cost (with tip)- $86

I would like to do something monthly, which is to go to restaurants in or near Shaw, getting there by public transit (ie the bus) or on foot. The Help and I do go out at least 2 times a month for a date. Unlike premarital dating, we're not trying to impress and the bill gets paid out of the joint checking. So what we're looking for is good food and the ability to hear each other talk.

We went to Estadio early because to reserve on Opentable, your choice is 5:15, 5:30 and 6pm. If we wanted to dine later we'd have to call to make a reservation. We we arrived the place wasn't crowded, and we were seated near a window.

At that point the noise level was at a point where I could hear the waiter give the same similar spleil to the other tables of the day's specials. We ordered anchovies in olive oil, marinated olives, some Pinxos (one bite skewered things), a butternut squash soup, the hangar steak, a fish dish, 1 glass of wine and the chocolate dessert.

I had heard great things about Estadio, but I needed to keep my expectations in check, which was a good thing. We had an enjoyable meal, but if I had come in with great expectations, I don't think I would have enjoyed the meal as much. Since I was the only one having wine (and our waiter picked a red that was just perfect) our meal plus tip (btwn 17%-20%) came to $86. We left the restaurant in good spirits and took the G2 back home.

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