August 16, 1935 Description of 9 1/2 Street NW

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I'm gonna pull something out of the pile. Something, that doesn't require scanning. Something short enough that I can transcribe without straining my wrists. This is from the National Capital Housing Authority (or Agency) regarding Sq. 361, and this can be found somewhere in a box at the National Archives.

August 16, 1935

9 1/2 STREET N.W.

DESCRIPTION: There are eleven alley dwellings in 9 1/2 Street, Ten of these houses have four rooms each; one has six rooms. The six room house is located on the rear of the street lot, the alley house number is 1907. There are no modern improvements, yet the interiors of most of the houses are neat and clean. The general repair of all properties is bad.

RENT: There is a rent range from $10.75 to $15.25 for the four room houses; the six room house rents for $15.50; per room, the rent range is from $2.69 to $3.75.

LENGTH OF TENANCY: Tenants have occupied these houses ranging from a few months to thirty years continuous occupation.

ECONOMIC STATUS: There are only four families, of the 14 families occupying the 11 dwellings, on the relief rolls-- all of the others claim private employment.

NUMBER OF FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS: Altogether there are fourteen families living in the alley. In houses numbered 1907-09-11 there are two families each, the balance contain one family each. Fifty people live in 46 rooms, ranging from 1 person in 1921 to 8 persons in 1915.

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