Are you missing a green Jeep 4x4 DC tags an Ward 5 sticker?

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DC tag DU 8900
It's still running (but stopped) on the 1600 block of 4th St., NW.
And the back tire is busted.
And it hit several parked cars.
And some fences in the alley.
And it was stolen by a guy (who to me looked like a really ugly woman) with long dreads heading south on foot.
After about 10-20 minutes the police showed up.

Noon update-
The Jeep has been towed. See video of Jeep @

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There were a couple of kids who were joy ridding in a stolen minivan a few weeks ago on Warner St. They couldn't drive at all and hit a neighbor's car. The cops were called but by the time they showed up the kids had abandoned the car.

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