Winter Garden Salad

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Salad in a pot 1
What you see pictured is a plastic pot of corn salad, also known as mache. For you Whole Foods shoppers there is a big plastic container of them in the salad section if you want to see them up close and personal. I brought this pot of salad greens inside the house for a brief moment, because it was cold and dark outside and I wanted to pick that night's salad inside. So I put down newspaper and brought in the pot. I picked enough for two, and it was tasty.

I broadcast the seed for the mache sometime in Fall. Some from seed from a previous planting and a lot from seed bought off Ebay.  I noticed that the corn salad survived the previous winters, and as long as the ground and everything else wasn't frozen solid. Corn salad, some other salad that I think is Black Seeded Simpson, and arugula all do okay with winter weather. However, corn salad and the other salad are mild tasting and lacks the peppery bite of arugula.

I've got other salads in other containers. Some aren't doing so well. I think it is because they are too crowded and don't get as much water as the pots sitting on dirt. Others, like the ones pictured below, are okay and provide some variety.
Salad pot2

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