Tuesday Miscellaney

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Dumpster in front of Sunset Liquors!

Well Scott Roberts of the Bloomingdale Blog finds it interesting. I'm guessing it may have more to do with the park renovation more than an overhall of the liquor store we love to hate.

Finally a map of Ward 5 I can see

Scott Roberts is everywhere, even on the BACA blog, writing about the District Curmudgeon's post that shows something that everyone on this side of New Jersey Ave have been talking about, the proposed SMD borders. Ah, I see. What I don't see is why civic associations should even need to rethink their boundaries. Yes, it is way easier when your boundaries mirror the SMD (Single Member District) boundaries but the civic associations have been around way longer than the wards or even the SMDs.

Get your bike stolen at the Shaw/Howard Metro

Finally, after so many years, they have finally, finally put in bike racks at the R St entrance at the Shaw metro. Before you just had to take your chances with a street sign or on the chain link fence if you wanted to leave your bike for a mo'. More recently you could leave it over at the library across the street. Now you can take your chances nearer to the metro. Now remember if it is quick release, it can go missing and don't leave your $3000 racing bike there with a widdle bity cable lock.

Wrestling with the O St Market

Wrestling, the first thing I thought of when the O St market blog mentioned pile drivers. Yes, the residents near the O St Market can get to wake up to the soothing sounds of pinging from the pile drivers that will be at O, P, 7th and 9th Sts, at about 7AM. Don't worry it's only for January. If it is still going on in March, then you can get annoyed.... if the take over of the sidewalk and bus stop on 7th hasn't annoyed you already.

You can't just throw money at kids

I will have to say Paul Schwartzman and crew wrote a pretty engaging series in the Post regarding a classroom of kids the late Abe Polin and Melvin Cohen promised to pay for their college. If you haven't read it, read it, all three parts. The story really made me appreciate my aunts and my grandfather who died before I was born as it pointed out for me the importance of family im making sure kids go to college and finish college.


Happy Christmakuh

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