Reality to owner of 509 O St NW, please pick up on line 2


I want to thank Martin Moulton for putting up on his website and Youtube the meeting of the Board for the Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings (BCIB) regarding the vacant and very blighted looking property at 509 O Street NW.  Martin has 3 videos on his website, though the last one, where the owner of 509 O St NW, Ms. Beverly Bakeir storms out had me ROTFL!!!!! You have to see video number 1 and epecially #2 where she plays the race card, to get the full impact of her statement as she packs up and heads out in video #3.

Full out laugher is the most positive emotion that these videos have produce. Negative fell somewhere near Jeezzus f*ck. Ms. Bakeir is very good at going on and on and on at an emotional tenor, and she has no interest in securing her property or fixing up her property until a vaguely mentioned federal case is solved. She does hold back for a little bit, until she can't, while Alex Padro talks (in video #3) about vacant buildings in general and 509 O in particular.

Now reality. In my world wood exposed to the elements unless it is locust or similar rots. Ms. Bakeir appears to be under the impression that once you put a board up over a empty window of a vacant it will remain for years and years on end. She apparently cannot or will not account for weathering destroying wood or mortar or brick. In my reality, a roofless house will overtime collect water in the bottom and weaken the structure. Part of being a homeowner is the constant battle of keeping water from destroying your ceilings, roof and foundation. Another dose of reality, public meetings can be recorded. She storms out/is kicked out around the 17 min mark in video #3, yelling (compared to video #1 where I can hardly hear her) something about privacy. If a public meeting wasn't visiable to the public, be they neighbors or the mainstream press or the citizen press, then it wouldn't be public.

Not so much reality, but I have a hard time seeing how a truth in lending case with a bank makes it impossible for the owner to maintain the yard and make sure the windows and doors are unaccessible. That's the federal case that Martin found.


Seems like she wanted to be a flipper and make some fast bucks but wasn't very good at the game and got burned. Tough break. Cue the violins.

This has been going on 8 years? Condemned since '05? Why is there a conversation? But since there is: She's so big on evidence, where is the evidence of her ongoing 'federal case' and its restrictions? I did groan when the BCIB man mentioned mosquitoes. The BCIB folk weren't very good at keeping the focus where it should have been, and they should present a report from a structural engineer and have very specific issues to address and not stray from that. Compare photos really as she suggested, how much has the building deteriorated, maybe even shifted or bowed out. Both sides were walking a winding path that should be straight. It was so unprofessional. No wonder this is still going on. Poor neighbors.

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