POS is now 'luxury' apartments

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Wait a minute, wait, hold on..... I could be wrong, but I think I'm right.

Out of curiosity I wanted to see what rents were going for in the TC via Craigslist. And found the following:

$2950 / 2br - Furnished 2bedroom ,2baths (North Capital (Truxton Circle))

$2850 / 2br - 950ft² - Brand New Fully Furnished (North Capital,Truxton Circle)

$2850 / 2br - Furnished 2bedroom ,2 full bath (North Capital Truxton Circle)

My 1st thought was wow! If rental prices are going for that much, heck I could retire at the ripe age of fortymummble and move back to Florida and live cheap. But a closer look I noticed these places all listed the address of 26 P St. No NW or NE. G-d Bless Google streetview, because there doesn't appear to a 26 P St NW that's a residence. But there is a 26 P St NE, and guess what? I've blogged about it before, and I didn't like the building. If I can direct your attention to the photo above, you can see why. The photos in the ads show a tree beyond the window and I think I can make out the parking lot of DDOT.

It's furnished & painted nice but....

That's some fancy expensive department store lipstick on one ugly pig. 


What’s wrong with you? You should be happy for the nationhood, if they can rent it that much.

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