If you love the Occupy DC protest, do you miss the Parcel 42 protest?

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Protest sign 2
 I was looking through my flickr photos and came across these taken back in in July 2010. So the long term camp out protest in DC isn't new.

For those of you are are new, that piece of land near the Shaw library on R St, was the site of a protest regarding affordable housing. Passing by it now, there is little left of that protest, except for the rock labrinth formation. As you can see from the sign the issue was affordable housing. However, the problem would have been concentrated poverty (note Lincoln/Westmoreland across the street was an issue) if another large affordable housing project popped up on that spot. If you want to find out more Google "Parcel 42 DC".

Do I miss the Parcel 42 protest? No. Nor I am a fan of what's going on downtown. I'm trying to be consistant.

I do wish the DC government would do something with the land. I mean if nothing is going to happen in the next few years, a community garden would be awesome. Southern view, throw in some raised beds, it would be great.

Additional thought- I haven't heard anything bad about Lincoln Westmoreland lately. So does that mean the place has improved? Or is my memory crap?

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I understand the messages of both, but sometimes their actions are not well thought out. The occupy movement is bound to have its blunders because it's so big, but the Parcel 42 protest an exercise in absurdity from the begining.

Fact: DC needs more affordable housing.
Fact: Shaw doesn't.

We've got, what, a dozen sizable subsidized housing complexes in Shaw? As you mentioned, we already have Foster House, LW II, LW I, Parcel 42, Asbury Dwellings and that new building going up all in a row next to parcel 42. OneDC wasn't advocating for a change that will lift up this community; they were just trying making a socioeconomic black hole even larger.

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