Homicide Watch and the Death of Bill Mitchell

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Homicide Watch is an excellent source, it's main writer and editor Laura Amico is doing the Lord's work by reporting on every murder. Not just pretty people, or sensationalist deaths, but every homicide no matter where in the city, no matter who. What you don't see from her blog is her sitting in court and the many hours dedicated to this work. What you do see and what I hope residents, city officials and politicians see, are the patterns, and behind all those numbers is a human life.

And that brings me to one death in particular interest to those in the Bloomingdale/ Truxton Circle area, William Mitchell. The latest posting from Homicide Watch has an affidavit detailing, from witnesses, what happened. It is an interesting read.

I would encourage you to support Homicide Watch with a donation by clicking the Paypal button on the site.

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