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Harry Thomas Jrs new beard

Okay so I guess most of y'all know my Councilman, the Ward 5 CM, Harry Thomas Jr. had a little visit from the Feds where they towed his SUV and motorcycle and walked off with only 3 garbage bags of stuff. It doesn't look good as the IRS are involved and Thomas is no Marion Barry. Barry has magical anti-law anti-tax enforcement powers.

I'm torn. Here's the problem. I've met Harry Thomas Jr. on several occasions because he shows up at community meetings, like the BACA meeting. The photo above is from an ANC meeting. He's a likable guy. He's also been very helpful with grassroots community things, of which I don't want to give him too much credit. Minus this whole Team Thomas thing, crappy bookkeeping, he's not that bad of a councilman. Compared to Vincent Orange, who he replaced, he's an excellent councilman. Course, then again I really dislike Orange. But the whole Team Thomas thing can't be ignored and I'm not about to dismiss it.

Not reporting income to the taxman, that's not good. Not reporting a couple of hundred thousand dollars as income to the taxman, that's really bad. Justice, federal justice, has to run its course and of the charge of not reporting income, I don't believe he's innocent. What's already out there doesn't look good. Even if it was really sloppy bookkeeping, and if he really thought he was spending his own funds (as the owner of 5+ bank accounts I can see how that happens), it is still unreported income, and I don't see how he can get out of that.

What I hope that comes out of all of this is a closer look at all the local level non-profits littered around the District. Developments and other businesses are supposed to throw money at stuff "for the community." A lot of times that shows up as something residents can see, like a playground or improvements to a community center, but other times it can go to a non-profit that few have heard of that do little. Before this I really hadn't heard of Team Thomas (however in 2007 I did a copy & paste of a BACA meeting that mentioned Team Thomas), well at least nothing done by TT in our neck of the ward. 

This is going to be a huge distraction in 2012, so I don't expect anything useful to get done.

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