Emotional but not informative- WP article on housing

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Yesterday in the Washington Post there was an article about long lines to get on the waiting list for a federally subsidized apartment complex in Columbia Heights. Though one could really sympathize with the folks in the line, the article left me with questions.

The article is short so that may have had something to do with the lack of saying how much these places were going for. Yes, they are low cost rentals but what exactly is a low cost rental in Columbia Heights in 2011-2012? Is it $400? $500? $800 for a 2bedroom? Is it a sliding scale based on income, and if so what is that? Comparatively what does the average 2 bedroom apartment (non-basement) go for in Columbia Heights. Also are there any like complexes in other parts of the District that have the computer room and an after school program? Do they generate such turn out?

Yes, Columbia Heights is gentrified, but why does that attract a low income population? Okay, that question may take an academic level of inquiry. If this complex was in Deanwood or Avondale or Ft. Lincoln would there have been a long line up? If it were in those places would the WP readership care? 

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