CM Tommy Wells visits Shaw

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Tommy Wells in Shaw Yesterday I skipped the BACA meeting for the Traveling Book group with Councilmember Tommy Wells. Also at the head table was the Director of the Office of Planning, Harriet Tregoning. She did a lot of the talking and question answering. She disagreed with the author Edward Glaeser regarding the issue of height and historic districts. She pointed out that if you build more housing where the land is cheapest, over on the other side of the river in DC's case,  then you're concentrating poverty. She also seemed to say that even with more housing units (currently mostly multifamily housing units- apts & condos) the price doesn't go down to the levels that would make them very affordable.

Martin, the CCCA prez, apparently was there, but I didn't see him. Anyway he's got a posting about Councilman Wells' visit. I see that Wells went to the Shaw Main Street shindig, and I'm glad I didn't go as I see a huge Florida State banner there. I had a negative reaction just seeing that online. GO GATORS!!!!

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