Be a Citizen Archivist and bring more Shaw history to the web

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The National Archives social media side has this Citizen Archivist Dashboard thing where normal people all over the nation, and the world can help the Archives tag, transcribe and upload things. I was thinking this would be a good opportunity for someone, who might want something to do over the academic winter break to bring some Shaw history out of the Archives and on to the web.

What I am thinking of particularly is something out at College Park, MD, because that's where they keep the photographs called Photographs of Low Rent Housing and Housing in Inhabited Alleys in the District of Columbia. There be some photos of Shaw area alleys there. They are arranged by name of alley, but it is good to know the square the alley was on as well. Square numbers have not changed.

Sadly, the citizen archivist thing is limited to images, if they ever open it up to PDFs there is a whole world of reports relating to urban renewal and the whole "slum" thing that Ray M of sunshine likes to wax on about.

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