Sad to hear neighbors moving

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I and the Help went to celebrate two friends' anniversary and there we found out they are planning on pulling up stakes, and moving to Rural, USA. And not too long ago we found out some other neighbors are also planning to move out to the boonies. Two different sets of neighbors, two boonies, one in fly over country the other within the DC media market, both close to one partner's relatives. And not too long ago a couple who were quite invovled with neighborhood moved to a warm sunny area suitable for aging bones and semi-retirement.

Ah, tis friendship in a transitional neighborhood, in a transitional city. One of our oldest friends has been threatening to move back to Wisconsin for the past 10 years, with the excuse to be closer to his mom. Sadly his mother passed away, but there a other aging relatives he ponders and everyso often will play with the idea of selling the house and moving in with ornery independent elderly uncles.

One of the things I love about living in my neighborhood is running into the familiar friendly faces of my neighbors. There is a warm feeling in my heart when I see my neighbors on the bus, at the farmer's market (BFM ends in Nov), or just on the street. I love that I have friends whose houses I can drop by and visit for a spell. That is something I did not have living anywhere else in the DC metro area. I didn't have it in Hyattsville, nor College Park, nor Arlington.

But as one door closes, yadda, yadda, yadda. I've made new neighbor friends even after some other people moved away from Richardson Pl, New Jersey Av and my own street. But still, I'm sad.

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