Robberies around the NJ/ Q St area

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I hate writing about these things, but in one case at least no one was home to get hurt.

I gather some of you have been following the messages on the Shaw Listserv about the brazen attempted home invasion/robbery of a home on October 29th on a home on Q St. Since the email wondered about a group of men hanging around 5th and Q, I wondered if they are thinking about the groups of guys who hang out on the 400 block of Q St. Of the 5 accused attempting robbers, one Tevin Durant possibly of SE DC, was arrested and found with a gun.

Then the other day I ran into a neighbor who asked about the robbery on my side of the street. What robbery on my side of the street? I then asked some other neighbors and apparently a lone male had banged on the door of one neighbor's house in the middle of the day. The neighbor was in, working from home, but didn't answer the door not recognizing the strange guy banging on the door. So the guy, thinking no one was at home, went around back to the alley, and broke into another neighbor's house. Rowhouses are so confusing from the rear. Using the trash cans from one neighbor's yard to climb into another yard, he opened a rear window and got in. He got away with as many electronics as he could carry. He was wearing bright yellow tennis shoes.

Instead of taking in this information to get scared, take it in and think about how to improve the security of your home. Take a look at your neighbor's yard, if you're in a rowhouse and there is an alley behind you, and see what weaknesses there are that expose you to greater risk. You probably can't do anything about what's going on next door (unsecured back fence, trash cans that can be used to climb into your yard or on to your deck), but you're now aware.

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