Pre-T Day Misc

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House Watch for the Holidays

The awesomeness that is Commander Andy Solberg, announced that if 5D residents contact him the police will keep an eye on your house while you're away for the holidays. The terms of the house watch is that the police will make an effort to drive by your house, front and rear. That's Andrew dot Solberg at DC dot gov. For the rest of y'all, I don't know what your PSAs are doing.

Still tell trusted neighbors to pick up fliers, contact the Post Office to hold your mail, and stop the newspaper.

Canning the front yard

Yesterday I canned a pint of arugula. I used the rules for spinach. I tend to use the pressure canner for stocks, but I have used it for solid items and I think I need to fill the jar will less solid matter because a lot of the liquid just seems to boil out of the jar.

It didn't take much arugula, just about 5 or 6 plants, and I cut those down because they were big and shading some of the winter salads. I believe if I cut more down to a reasonable level I could get 7 more pints. The arugula will survive the winter, as well as the winter salads, but our need for fresh arugula is pretty low. I hope to use the canned arugula like greens or see how it turns out in a saag paneer, minus the paneer. I've used fresh arugula for the curry but never canned or frozen, so we'll see how that turns out.

I am very thankful for having a yard that provides my family with food.

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