Patterns of Segregation in Truxton Circle 1880-1930

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Friday night, the day before I was to give the presentation about the TC neighborhood, I tested it out on two neigbors, one who gave a lot of good constructive criticism. The attached PDF (Segregation in Truxton Circle 1880-1930.pdf) of the power point presentation does not reflect that feedback. That version is stuck on one of the world's slowest computers and a random CD somewhere under a pile.

Saturday I met Dr. Karl Byrand of the Geography department of the University of Wisconsin, Sheboygan, who was the last presenter of our three person panel. I was the second presenter. His presentation was "The Spatial and Occupational Advantages of Shaw's Mulatto Population in Turn-of-the-Century, Washington, DC". Which brings up some parts of his University of Maryland- College Park PhD dissertation about parts of Shaw from 1880-1920 regarding alley dwellers. When I was doing research on the Truxton part of Shaw and looking through many dissertations regarding race, DC neighborhoods, and urban migration, I came across his paper. When I first spotted it, I thought various four letter words, because from the title I was under the impression he had already done what I half-way did. Once I read it, I saw that he was looking at one particular aspect, and particular blocks, not the same thing I was doing. So it was great to talk with him and meet him, as our topics are so similar.

Right now, I'm going to take a break from the project. I will probably find some interesting tidbits as I finally get around to cleaning my house, and share them. I'll probably get back to it and spend time cleaning up the data after the whole holiday season, say mid January.

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