Date Night with Leon Panetta and CaBis

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Look! Bikes at the Shaw metro station.

The Help and I went on our date night last at i Ricchi (1,000 Opentable points plus a Spotlight coupon) and two or three tables over was the Secretary of Defense. You'd think such a restaurant would have great food if it can attract the likes of Mr. Panetta, alas no. With the exception of the soup, I've had better at Olive Garden. Maybe it was the atmosphere, which was great, once I got comfortable with something I noticed. Almost all the waitstaff were African American men, giving me throwback visions of what dining in the early half of the 20th century must have looked like. But hey, this place hires black men for the front of the room, which is a good thing and sort of makes up for the crappy entre that ruined my meal. Seriously, I have dined at some pretty pricy places in DC and the quality of what we had for the prices stated on the menu, didn't match, with the soup being the exception.

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