Crime and Snopes

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I was going to write about the History Conference, and maybe tonight's BACA meeting, or a topic I've been mulling over ignorant reporters and legally obtaining firearms in the District. But no, an email from a well meaning and retired aunt has set me off.

It was another one of those crime emails that get circulated warning people against some strange evil in the criminal world. Snopes, people, Snopes dot com. I don't know if it's a generational thing, or it's from living in Shaw and being aware or semi-aware of the crime that does happen around here that makes me realize those weird fake crime warning emails are BS on sight. If someone is going to steal your car, they probably will a- steal if off the street or b- seize upon the opportunity you create when you leave your car, with the keys in it for 'just a minute', as one theif did sometime this year in the TC.

I'm going to say it's generational, even though I know of people in her same age range who have figured out this email internet thing is not for spreading urban legends or messages littered with dancing hearts. I suspect, from other emails, the cutesy ones, a lot of people in DC's DPW are of that same age range. Because if I do read the emails and scroll down through the address blocks, I see a lot of addresses.

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