Christopher Sullivan did you get your wallet?

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Saturday a friend of ours found a wallet. It was the 2nd wallet of the day he'd found. So we offered to take the wallet to the address listed on the DC driver's license, which we did. No one was home and so I left the wallet with a note between the unsecured storm door and the door. As soon as we left I had a not so great feeling about it. The house we left it at just seemed unoccupied and bare. Like it might be undergoing a slow interior renovation, minus the permits being shown.

So after we were done with church we went back to the house. Still no one was home, so I took the wallet and went next door. The person there claimed to have just moved in and didn't know who lived in the neighboring house. So we then left a sticky note on the door saying what we did and that's that.

This is not the first wallet I've tried to return to it's owner. You know what would help, really help, if you've just moved and your DL address is now wrong, please have your business card or a in case of emergency call # somewhere obvious in your wallet. This just reminds me, I need to label my cell phone with a "if found" thing. Because yes, there are opportunistic people out there, but there are also many good Samaritans as well and we want you to be reunited with your stuff.

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