Christmas related crime


No nothing has happened yet that I know of, but I want to give y'all a heads up on some seasonal problems so that you can do what's best for you.

On the 5D MPD listserv there is a notice of how the Guardian Angels are volunteering on Black Friday around the Columbia Heights metro station to help prevent robberies. Well, that's fine and dandy till you have to get off the metro and lug stuff home, or are getting out of the car near your house.

Also try to avoid having packages sent to your home if you don't have a secure mailbox, you don't work from home, or the like. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam don't trust me to receive mail so I'm going to have things, even if they are used clothing bought off eBay, sent to the Help's work. We need to tell relatives to mail gifts there too. So far after living here for 10 years I've only had one package stolen.

Also, and this is just my pet peeve, crime might have nothing to do with it, but some of you need curtins or drapes or some decent blinds. Riding home at night I can see the whole entire floor of many residences along the way. I can see how big some people's tvs are, and computers, and other neat electronic things. Large windows and 1st level open floor plans will do that to you. In this Facebook age maybe some people like being on full display. Fine. Just know it just easy to scope out your house.

Oh, and.. I almost forgot, secure your rear. This weekend I looked out my back window, hearing the russle of leaves and expecting to see one of the many alley cats. Instead it was a human walking through the alley. And I noticed this human (white if you must know) taking a slow and careful look at all the houses. He wasn't peering over or through fences, just slowly looking at the yards and 2nd floors. He could have been getting design ideas or casing the block. I dunno.


anyone hear the 10 gunshots yesterday (1/2/11) evening around 730 or so around 9th and O? was in my front yard and heard shots and then saw folks running. called the cops who came shortly but haven't heard any news....

Per Rachelle Nigro on Twitter, there were casings found, but no injuries. Roommate said she heard six shots. I heard them, didn't seem loud enough to be as close as they were (at 9th and O).

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